The new global challenges had given us the opportunity to take our products beyond the borders of our country, to where we are exporting our eggs as fresh eggs, liquid and dehydrated egg products, and hen meat as whole carcasses, parts, wings and combs; according to the needs of the different markets. We strictly fulfill the domestic and international sanitary and trade norms to achieve an excellent export quality.

We export fresh eggs to supply the consumption of several countries. In order that our products reach their final destiny without any restriction, we take in consideration the sanitary norms of the importer country, farm certification, egg inspection, egg type: white or brown, expiration date, size, stamp, box, transport, container, customs, etcetera.

Our products maintain their nutritional characteristics in refrigeration until arrival because they are transported in reefer (refrigerated) containers at 2° to 4° C temperature. The Box is designed to maintain the egg in optimal conditions, it has slots to allow ventilation and preserve the eggs during shipment. We keep all the quality and hygiene requirements on line to achieve an excellent export product.

In order to give a better service and by it, achieve a greater reliability; in PROAN we print the laying date on each egg along with our logo. THIS INFORMATION HELPS TRACEING THE EGG.
With traceability we are able to know the product route from its origin to its final destiny.

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